Hi there!!

I'm so happy you are here!!


Let’s get the hardest part over with now. My name is Josefa (pronounced Ho-se-fa). It's Spanish so the J sounds like an H. Once you get that down it's easy. I promise. 

I help brilliant, sensitive individuals peel away the outside crap that’s dragging them down and keeping them stuck so they can learn how to work with their own energy, finally find value in who they are, and align their lives with their true desires.

Basically, I’m here to help you unleash the crazy-amazing life you came here to lead by getting real about what you really want for yourself and also what you don’t.  We will also get to use some of my fun intuitive tools along the way so it only gets more interesting from here.

Right now you might feel confused, lost, insecure, and unsure.

What I want you to know is that in the times we are living those are normal feelings to feel.


So, let’s get it straightened out for you.

I am honest, open, and dedicated to my clients. I believe in spirit and soul and love and light and all those things but I also understand that we live here on earth so we need tools to be happy now.

My work is about helping you get the guidance you need to get to your truth but then also holding you accountable to creating a life where you feel powerful, confident, and downright excited to be you.

Let’s do it together. It’s just more fun that way.