She really is an amazing coach who is so full of deep wisdom, light, and love.

Josefa is a powerful, intuitive life coach who helps people see and step into their power. She does it in a very warm and loving way.  She helps you identify what’s holding you back from shining in your light and takes you though effective processes as she guides you with intuitive advice.

Through our work together I was able to see and visualize (and start transforming and stepping into) my best self and learn to let go of attachment to others. She has so many powerful processes she takes you through to help you work through any blocks or fears. She is really compassionate and easy to talk to. Working with her completely helped me move from fear into love. I know it was TOTALLY worth it. The investment was for me and there’s no person more important than that in my life!


I feel like Life Coaching is the best thing I ever did for myself because it changed me as a person, it positively impacted my personal and professional relationships and it allowed me to get one step closer to the person I want to be.

Life coaching with Josefa was a life changing spiritual process for me. I learned so much about myself and how I deal with issues and challenges in my life. It’s not a quick fix – it’s a lot of soul searching, tears, and hard work, but it is 100% worth it. In the end, we are with ourselves the most so we should work to become someone we love.

Josefa is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Her love and light are so pure and she works so hard to help you find the path on your own with her caring and loving guidance. She tirelessly helps you to discover the truth for yourself – to discover what life lesson the Universe is trying to teach you – without telling you what you want to hear. Only then can true growth and understanding occur.

My overall viewpoint on life has vastly improved, I feel more empowered to be personally responsible for the things in my life I allow to impact me, and I’m better able to refocus my energy on the positive.

Working with Josefa will, without a doubt, change your life.


Josefa helped me get my personal power back and updated old belief systems. 

Because of our work together I am much happier.  Josefa is magical. She knows intuitively exactly where you are at. At each call I was amazed at how I felt that she was living every moment with me. She knew me inside and out. When I look back at the investment I feel honored to have worked with her because she is so intuitive and a strong, centered woman who is an amazing role model for me. Josefa has a way of connecting and knowing. She can immediately tune into whatever you are going through at the moment and gently guide you through all of your emotions to a place of peace.


Having a life coach in your corner is something everyone should be open to.

At first, I was on the fence only in regards to the money aspect. Then I realized that the work we did and I can continue to do are invaluable. YOU are worth the investment. Get the inside right; the rest will work itself out. 

Aha moments: realizing you never know and can never know what someone else is feeling. No matter what they’re showing you; you’ll NEVER know if they are truly displaying their true feelings. Visualization can change how you feel from the inside out. You have control of the baggage you’re carrying around.

When I look back at the investment I feel proud because I made myself a priority and had some major breakthroughs.

Josefa has the personal and professional experience to connect with you and really make you re-evaluate and re-think certain belief systems or thoughts you may have. I believe she is starting to scratch the surface in fulfilling her purpose here on this earth. We should be thankful that someone so full of light is sharing her gift with those who choose to work with her.


I am so happy that I invested in myself and Josefa’s coaching, as it is helping me push through things that would have taken me a long time to get through on my own.

Coaching with her has helped me open up to my own personal life journey. Her insight into reasons why I am the way I am has helped me understand what drives me, confirm why I am passionate in certain areas, as well as what areas have kept me stuck or frustrated. She always provides open and honest insight to move me forward on my personal path to achieve more in my life as well as in my business.

 I am learning to accept that everything that happens is meant to be and to trust the process. I have realized many areas where I have room for improvement and also where I have personally grown.  I feel I am learning to let go easier and realizing how my past patterns keep being repeated in other ways. It is nice to be able to take a step back and watch things unfold.  Slowing down...and still working on it. :)

Having 1:1 support is crucial but it is having the right coach, one that you can connect with, that can really help you move yourself forward. Josefa is very easy for me to relate to and trust. I tend to be hesitant to open up to others but I can easily open up to her and she gets it, she understands, and she really understands, not just says she does. I always feel that she is open and authentic and telling me where she has been, her personal journey, which helps so much. I look forward to all of our calls and always feel energized and excited after talking to her.


Best money I’ve ever spent.

Josefa’s  ability to really understand me in a very short period of time has helped me to realize things about myself that are critical to living my best life without years and years of counseling . Her encouragement has helped me see myself through your spiritual eyes which has given me the strength to make those changes I needed. I learned that creating a life I love takes work and dedication and that that loving myself first isn’t selfish but the greatest gift I can give my family and the world. I also learned how to set healthy boundaries for myself.

Her ability to allow the divine to work through her is just a miracle. Every dollar and every minute spent with her has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received in this lifetime.  When I look back at the investment I feel wonderful because the experience with her has been priceless.

Josefa uses all of her senses and sensibilities to give you practical advice for your life. She also is able to see straight to the soul and shine light on who you really are quickly and efficiently.

I can’t say enough about our experience together. I always look forward to our time together and sometimes the only thing that pulls me through the day is knowing I get to see her. Our time together has been so instrumental in helping me navigate a very challenging time in my life. I no longer live from fear but from love of self which is where all great things come from.


I can honestly say it has changed my life and given me confidence back in myself.  

Josefa is a naturally insightful life coach who has the ability to see things you might not and help you work towards healing, loving yourself and recognizing patterns.  She is a great listener and sees between the lines. She supports you when you need it, and gently helps her clients to hear what they are truly saying or needing.  She provides an external, intuitive, grounded perspective full of insight and support.

Josefa helped me to heal past life experiences with my mom including mourning her death, let go of shame around my childhood, not loving myself, and my relationship with food. She also supported me in asking for what I needed, wanted and deserved at work. I had no idea that I did not know how to have the conversation, and also how bad I needed to bring it up. I felt so much lighter after, and understand the importance in bringing up what is true for you and asking for what you are worth. 

When I look back at the investment I feel confident because I would do it again! It was worth every cent and the return on investment was far greater than I could have imagined when initially worrying about the money aspect. 

I got SO much more out of this than I even wanted or expected to. Things came up that I didn't' even know were there. I felt completely comfortable and enjoyed doing the work. I can honestly say it has changed my life and given me confidence back in myself.